The Unity Party
Restoring Trust in the Government.
The Unity Part believes the following legislation is immediately needed, and that sponsored candidates will make drafting and passing this legislation a priority:

Legislative Process - Introduce a bill that requires all legislation be clean. Legislation must not have obscure or hidden objectives that provide benefit or encumbrance. Each bill shall have only one clearly stated purpose, and may only address issues related to that purpose.

Vote Integrity – Introduce a bill such that if a State’s reported legal vote tally is shown to be off by more that 2% in an election of federal candidates, that State’s votes will not be accepted, and that state may loose voting representation in congress. To that end, a voter id card with biometric information is necessary. Additionally, ballots must have a unique bar code and serial number, and a spot for the voter to select a PIN. Voters may record their ballot’s serial number and PIN. Each vote must be made available on line to be viewed by ballot serial number. If a voter sees that the on line vote is not what they cast, they could use their PIN to notify the election board of possible voter fraud.

Educational Process - Introduce a bill that establishes the minimum skills required with regards to reading, writing, arithmetic, and sciences. Additionally, with regards to history and social studies, this legislation must require public schools to emphasize American excellence, while acknowledging its failures, and may not glorify immoral acts, or breaking laws; but instead must promote respect for human rights and compassion.

Health Care – Introduce a Bill to open VA Facilities to uninsured virtuous citizens making less than poverty level wages.

Debt and Deficit – Introduce a bill that mandates the federal budget include a clear summary of line items for each expenditure e.g.,:
	Army	$xx million
	Navy 	$xx million
	FDA	$xx million
	CIA	$xx million
Each organization funded by the Federal Government must commit to providing a clear summary of line items detailing each expenditure of federal funds, or they risk loosing funding.

Some federal entities would be allowed so called dark money line items for national security reasons, with committee oversight.

Department of Education - Introduce a bill that requires the Department of Education be limited in size to 0.01% of the legal citizen population of the U.S. The bill will mandate a hiring freeze until the size limit is met.