The Unity Party
Restoring Trust in the Government.
The Unity Party (TUP) promotes unity, strength, truth, justice, peace, hope, prosperity, transparency, and individual liberties. TUP believes the journey a citizen undertakes to achieve prosperity should not be hindered, or aided by gender, race, religion, personal opinion, creed, or heritage. TUP upholds the freedom for all to achieve their peaceful goals and prosper in accordance with their God given abilities, provided they do not unjustly inhibit the liberties of others.

Specifically, the TUP takes the following positions:

Belief in God - The Unity Party believes it is imperative for sponsored candidates to believe in a good power greater than themselves, and believe that power will judge their actions. (a so called good conscience or belief in God).
The U.S. Constitution - The Unity Party believes in a textualist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, as written by the founding fathers.
Diversity - The Unity Party believes that listening to individuals with diversity of foresight is necessary to develop good policy.
Unity - The Unity Party believes that a nation should be united in its goals.
Equality - The Unity Party  believes in equality of each individual, as described in the Declaration of Independence. We recognize that all individuals do not have equal abilities, character, or desire.
Virtuous Citizen - The Unity Party believes a virtuous citizen is one that utilizes their God given abilities, and has upheld the moral and just standards of the United States. TUP fully recognizes that physically and mentally handicapped persons may be virtuous citizens.
Immigration - The Unity Party believes that legal immigration helped make America the greatest nation on earth, and assimilation was key to that outcome. TUP believes that illegal immigration is detrimental to society, and persons that break our laws should not be rewarded. Illegal immigrants, even those granted amnesty, should be sent back to their country of origin to get back in line for citizenship. However, if illegal immigrants have otherwise proven themselves to be virtuous citizens, they may choose to stay in the U.S. provided they give up their right to vote, bear arms, and receive public assistance. TUP believes that legal immigration should be based on the nations needs. Immigrants should not be allowed entry if they will displace American workers, or if unemployed American workers can fulfill those needs.  TUP believes immigrants should not receive public assistance until they have demonstrated their self reliance as a virtuous citizen for at least five (5) years.
Border Security - The Unity Party believes that for national security, and citizen’s safety, our nation’s borders must be secure.
Right to Bear Arms - The Unity Party believes that every virtuous citizen has the right to bear arms. However, TUP believes that using a fire arm to aid in committing a crime, could be a capitol offense.
Vote Integrity - The Unity Party believes the integrity of votes in elections is critical. Measures must be in place to ensure vote tallies are not physically or electronically altered after the fact, votes are not counted twice, all valid votes cast are counted, counterfeit ballots are not counted, and only authorized voters vote.
Censorship - The Unity Party believes in freedom of speech, and Big Tech should not be allowed to censer speech they disagree with.
Capitalism - The Unity Party believes that historically, capitalist nations have demonstrated the best human rights records and achieved the highest standards of living, while socialist nations have demonstrated the worst human rights violations and worst standards of living. Therefore, with adequate restraints, TUP believes capitalism is better than socialism.
Public Education - The Unity Party believes public schools and public education is a priority, and public schools must prepare students to function in society. TUP believes local, state and federal governments may pass legislation detailing the minimum education and performance standards for teachers; and on what minimal skills students must demonstrate to graduate. However, local, state and federal governments should not pass legislation on how teachers teach those skills. TUP believes the public education system should emphasize American exceptionalism, while acknowledging its failures.
Public Health Care - The Unity Party believes public health facilities are imperative, and may be established similar to the public education system. For instance, Veterans Health Administrations could open their facilities to the public. As with private schools, private health care facilities must be allowed.
Public Assistance - The Unity Party believes only virtuous citizens may receive public assistance while needed.
Politicians - The Unity Party believes only virtuous citizens may hold public office. Sponsored candidates may not monetarily enrich themselves, family or friends due to their political office. Sponsored candidates must live under the laws they pass.
Term Limits - The Unity Party does not support term limits for virtuous candidates. TUP believes that a politician’s term will be limited by their performance and the voter’s appreciation of their performance.
Lobbying - The Unity Party supports lobbying, not bribery. Any efforts by lobbyists’ to enrich a candidate, or a candidate’s family or friends should be considered bribery.
Legislation – The Unity Party believes that all legislation should be clean. Legislation must not have obscure or hidden objectives that provide benefit or encumbrance.
Forging Policy - The Unity Party believes Americas interests come first, but aid to needy nations is at times warranted.
Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid - The Unity Party believes that sustainable social services must be maintained. Any legislative limits on the current social services may only be established on future unborn generations of citizens.
Energy - The Unity Party believes a well rounded energy policy including fossil, nuclear, and renewable is vital.
Federal Reserve - The Unity Party believes the Federal Reserve should be audited.
National Debt and Deficit - The Unity Party believes the national debt and deficit must be eliminated.
National Security - The Unity Party believes national security is critical. The intelligence agencies, armed services, electrical grid, and transportation systems must be maintained. TUP believes that current funding for these areas is adequate, with proper management, and should not be lowered or raised until proper management is verified.
Police - The Unity Party believes local police forces are necessary. TUP believes that local police should be held to a higher standard, and be given the benefit of doubt.
Regulatory Burden - The Unity Party believes that sponsored candidates must work to eliminate laws that are outdated, overly cumbersome, vague or unclear. TUP believes that legislation must not have obscure or hidden objectives that provide benefit or encumbrance; and legislation should have only one clearly stated purpose, and may only address issues related to that purpose.